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Re: Debian money


We have a significant amount of money, but I would not define it as a 
"huge amount".

> There's quite a long list, in *rough* order of the priority I would
> (personally) give them so far. 

>  1 New hardware / equipment
>  2 Fund developer gatherings:

My full support to spend money on this. In both cases, you can show where
the money was spend and the benefits Debian got from it.

I am less enthusiastic about:

>  4 Marketing stuff:
>    a box(es) of equipment to take to stands at various shows and
>      expos. Might be useful, but could be expensive. Where do we store
>      it/them? Who organises shipping?
However, I think we should try and see if it is worth it. Maybe we could spend 
some money in next's year FOSDEM booth?  I am told Debian had a booth in
FOSDEM'2009 but I was unable to find it...
(I do not think this trying should be limited to Europe, but I do not know of 
conferences like FOSDEM in other parts of the world. )

A big "please don't" to:

>  5 Pay people to do stuff we don't/can't/won't:
>  6 Fund other related projects
>  6 Dunc tank 2?


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