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Re: Switching the default startup method

Frans Pop wrote:
> I'm no fan of insserv (I have the new sysv-rc on hold on all my systems 
> running unstable until this gets sorted out)

I also have put the new sysv-rc on hold on all my systems.
I'm fully convinced that a dependency boot system is, for most cases,
better than the current one. However, I'm not ready to do the switch
for several reasons:
- I'm lacking expertise on debuging problematic insserv boot
  (how to change to boot order, how/which dependencies to add/remove,
  what is the result, ...)
  For bigger trouble with sysv-rc, I know how to boot with init=/bin/sh
  and then start each rcS.d and rc2.d script by hand, one by one.
  insserv seems to lack such detailed documentation (or it is not
  advertised enough)
- I have not seen how is handled 'home-made' init.d script (ie without
  dependencies information). I suspect that the answer is 'fix your
  home-made script and add the information'. However, this is a BIG
  work (I manage lots of machines which have different local software)
  and I do not want to get an unbootable (or even only a partial bootable)
  system after an upgrade. If Debian goes to boot-ordered system, I will
  do the switch, but only when I will be ready.

To make the parallel with dash, I appreciate that old system does not
switch to dash automatically on upgrade. Here again, I will do the
switch only when I will have time to check that 3rd party scripts
are working with dash as sh.
For new system, it is easy : I see it when I install new external
software and try them. For already installed systems, it is a lot
And, for dash, I always have the solution to easily switch back to
bash as bin/sh. It does not seem the case for insserv.

  So, I hope that
1) insserv will not become mandatory on existing systems
2) we can easily remove insserv when it is used
   - on existing system (so that we can easily try it)
   - AND on new system if it becomes the default here (so that we can go
     back to traditional init scripts if other software requires it)
3) lots of documentation about how to debug and fix problems with
   insserv will be easily available.


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