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Re: Switching the default startup method

On Monday 24 August 2009, Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
> When was it uploaded to experimental?
> When was there a call to test the new things while they're in
> experimental? This is NOT the way really important parts of Debian
> should be maintained.

I'm no fan of insserv (I have the new sysv-rc on hold on all my systems 
running unstable until this gets sorted out), but this is not fair.

There *have* been quite clear calls for testing insserv. Not from 
experimental, but simply from unstable or testing. There was no need to 
use experimental in this case as the functionality of insserv has not 
changed. The only change now is that it's become standard.

Here is one call for testing:

I tried it out at the time, disliked it (mostly because it seemed to me 
like a damned fragile and opaque system and I hated the endless 
reorderings during package installation) and filed a few BRs.


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