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Re: On cadence and collaboration

Please, forgive my limited english language skill. I hope clarify the subject a
bit more.
By no means I intended to discount Debian contributors, but to ADD more skilled
people from the Canonical team to Debian efforts.
There is (still) a limited supply of skilled people around the world on FOSS,
and grouping more of them at same tasks will (likely) improve results and reduce
individual efforts, and time to accomplish things.
Canonical has its own view of what should be a distribution, and (likely) will
keep its way of distro shape, but some convergent efforts for mutual benefit
could be reached.

The proposal is not an "all or nothing" approach. It is a fully adjustable one.
>From one package to entire repository.

Trying small number of relevant packages at first round, and carefully
evaluating efforts and commitment, and adjusting workflow until a working one
could be agreed, could get good results with minimal risk for both projects.
Some Debian Teams will not take part of the experiment because they have release
goals unfeasible at such reduced time frame (even with more 3 months).
Also, the releases will not be equal, because many packages will not be part of
the experiment, and , say, number of acceptable release RC bugs for each project
are different. But releasing same base versions (at least) will ease
collaborative patching after freeze AND after respective releases.
Continuous evaluation and adjustment are key factors for the future of the
"cadence and collaboration". Commitment of both sides to accomplish results for
MUTUAL benefit in the long run (even without knowing how to do this with details
at starting, so the adjustments and small group of packages) is important. Any
action perceived as a "trick" would be seriously detrimental. Clear directions
and collective planning at mailing list (a new dedicated one, maybe utnubu [0]),
mutual "good will" at this experiment and "benefit of doubt: ask details before
reaction" in case of any attrition will help.
Andre Felipe Machado

[0] http://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/utnubu-discuss

> I wouldn't go as far as speaking of "more skilled contributions", as
> that would discount quite a lot of Debian contributors, but there
> are certainly opportunities in this for us.

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