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Re: On cadence and collaboration

2009/8/16 Andre Felipe Machado <andremachado@techforce.com.br>:
> - Given that Debian Project has around 2000 commited devs and

last I checked, that number was about 400 DD's who were actually active

> [0] ([Off Topic and not deserving answer as it is an unqualified
> suggestion]: Maybe, Canonical could be improve margins if Ubuntu
> becomes, ACTUALLY, a debian pure blend, differentiating itself with
> package preconfigurations (preseed) and package sets, and even release
> dates because pure-blends could release "cuts" of sid or testing,
> afaik). Maintaining a distro alone is a costly proposition. But it may
> not be feasible anymore. Maybe, with improving working collaboration,
> Ubuntu could come back to be _fully_ Debian source code progressively.)

Now the CUT thing is actually something exciting, hard-to-do as it is.

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