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Re: On cadence and collaboration

Vipin Mathew dijo [Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 08:24:21AM -0700]:
> mozilla has shown how we can build something which is in every way
> better than the closed ones by effective collaboration. if we all
> come together we could create another great brand called linux. n we
> can win. a win for all the community. just think what we would be
> able to achieve if all the developers in various distros came
> together.

[OT] Some people (me not included, I refuse to even try it) will point
out that it has beaten the pants out of MSIE, but propietary browsers
such as Opera or Safari are way ahead. There was a (short) thread
recently on d-devel where even some Debian Developers (of course,
everybody is free to use what they prefer!) say they prefer Opera over
any Mozilla derivative.

But anyway, please don't reply to this, it is not needed. Just raising
the point that Mozilla might not be the best example after all. And
don't get me started on OpenOffice! ;-)

Gunnar Wolf • gwolf@gwolf.org • (+52-55)5623-0154 / 1451-2244

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