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Bits from the DEP0 drivers

[ I am not subscribed to debian-project currently; please Cc any 
  responses. ]

A few things related to Debian Enhancement Proposals (DEPs) and DEP0.
For background, see http://dep.debian.net/ .

 - - -

First, commit access to the SVN repository: In June, the issue rose
whether non-DDs should be given commit access to the repository:
http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2009/06/msg00017.html .
The consensus of the DEP0 drivers, who maintain the repository, was
against this, and there was no real opposition to it either, so the
current state of affairs continues.

 - - -
Second, we made some modifications to the DEP0 text at Debconf and
immediately after. A summary of the changes:

* Added wording to stress that the drivers merely act as secretaries,
  and have no additional power to decide things during discussions.
* Added wording to indicate that dep.debian.net is the central archival
  location; working drafts can be stored elsewhere.
* Added a diagram to explain the state diagram.
* The DROPPED state was renamed to REJECTED.
* REJECTED proposals cannot be resurrected (but may be re-numbered if
  someone wants to try again).
* Some refactoring of the text for better clarity.
* Fixes to typos and such.

 - - -

Third, we have changed the state to CANDIDATE, from DRAFT. We feel that
there is a consensus for this, since no outside changes have been
suggested to the DEP. If anyone objects, now is the time.

 - - -

Fourth, we've added some introductory text and the new state diagram
to the front page of dep.debian.net, in the hope that people will find
that easier than reading all of DEP0.

 - - -

Fifth, two of the three DEP0 drivers are currently more or less on
an extended vacation. This should not cause any urgent problems, but
if someone wants to join the DEP0 driver team to help maintain the
DEP process itself, please e-mail Zack at zack@debian.org.

 - - -
Thanks, and happy hacking!

Stefano Zacchiroli
Lars Wirzenius

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