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Re: libgeoip1: Debian turning into an advertising crap?

Frank Bauer <frank.c.bauer@gmail.com> writes:

> This advertisement is contained in the GeoIP.conf.default file
> (package libgeoip1):
>     # If you purchase a subscription to the GeoIP database,
>     # then you will obtain a license key which you can
>     # use to automatically obtain updates.
>     # for more details, please go to
>     # http://www.maxmind.com/app/products
>     [...]

A complaint about “advertising” in comments appearing in a configuration
file would be better done by filing a ‘wishlist’-priority bug report
against that package. If you were reasonable and presented a persuasive
argument, you might even convince the package maintainer to remove the
advertisement from the file.

> Do you think it is appropriate for package in main?

I think a package is appropriate for main if it is licensed to the
recipient under free-software terms, actively and sanely maintained, and
useful in a free operating system.

The ‘geoip’ package (from which the binary ‘libgeoip1’ package is built)
seems to me to meet all those criteria.

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