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Re: On cadence and collaboration

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> wrote:


>> From the very start of the Debian Project, Debian has been different
>> from everything else: different package management tools, different
>> philosophy, different organization, you name it.
>         But most of these will not be lost if we have a time based

I think we'll lose part of the "we release when it's ready" philosophy
(that our RMs seem to despise so much). Because part of this is to
freeze when it's ready.

A time-based freeze could mean for some teams that they'll have to
stop work basically for months to a year. It already takes too much
time to recover after a release, this won't help.

I have doubts as to how that's going to work wrt our current
unstable/testing/stable scheme. We're only now, *years* and *releases*
after it's been introduced, starting to really get that working. I'm
not sure we've enjoyed the benefits of this system yet, yet we'd have
to change it once again for time-based freezes. (due to the
aforementioned issue; we need to keep unstable moving to mitigate
that - and no, experimental doesn't cut it)

>  freeze. Or are you talking about everyone shipping the same package
>  version? I think diversity based on version numbers of software
>  components is a false diversity; and makes people compare apples to

In this day and age, you have to look at features in addition to the
version number, because the latter isn't necessarily very telling of
the real changes from one release to another. Major features are
delivered in minor releases nowadays...

Other than that, I agree with you.

>  oranges. So if everyone ships the same version of GNOME, it allows
>  apples to apples comparison, and should make the strengths of Debian

Depending on how much time our GNOME team did have to beat the thing
into submission...

>  stand out (thought it would make life harder for journalists, since no
>  longer are the platitudes about differing software versions going to be
>  enough to carry a review)

Oh my. That alone would be a very good reason for everybody to sync
up. But hey, being journalists (were you thinking about bloggers, too,
here?), they'd find something else, equally meaningless, to carry
their bogus reviews.


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