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Re: On syncing freeze dates with other distributions

On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 08:09:54PM +0200, Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
> Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> >         I also think that we should be looking at when we freeze not
> >  merely at when a derived distro freezes, but when major system
> >  components release, and when top level sister distributions freeze
> >  (we'll get far more benefit for Debian users were we to sync up with
> >  fedora/rhel; and have more clout with upstream, especially if Ubuntu
> >  sync's up with Debian/red hat as well).
> Ack. It makes *mucH* more sense for use to keep in sync with fedora/rhel than
> with Ubuntu. Especially Fedora tries out the very latest funky stuff, it is
> often really worth the work to have a look what they're doing. At the end this
> will help Ubuntu, too - if they manage to change their freeze time to an
> appropriate date similar to the one of Debian.

It depends, and I'm expressing my own opinion, not any kind of release
team one. If we target big milestones of server stuff, then yeah, we
probably want to follow RHEL.  For the desktop, I'm less sure. When I
look around me, I see lots of Ubuntus, some Fedoras and Debians, and
some Arch's[1].

I'm not saying that Ubuntu is better than Fedora or anything similar,
but when it comes to desktop (KDE, GNOME, Firefox, OOo, ...), Ubuntu
isn't less prominent than Feodra/RH is (if you count the user base).
Unlike Fedora/RH though, we have some kinds of (sometimes awkward, but
still existing) ties, that makes such a sync possible. OTOH I see no-one
having started any kind of discussion with red-hat or the fedora
community to even _think_ of such a sync with them.

In France we say "better is the ennemy of good[2]". Try to loosely sync
our freeze dates with Ubuntu is something we can rather easily do, and
that basically cost us nothing.  Even supposing that syncing with
RH/Fedora is better, but I don't see any kind of concrete opportunity
right now, which makes the discussion moot for now.

[1] As I'm french, openSuse isn't very relevant here, I bet it's
    different on the other side of the Rhine.

[2] le "mieux" est l'ennemi du "bien"
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