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Re: Debian redesign

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 04:51:22PM +0200, Ana Guerrero wrote [edited]:
> You can take a look at her presentation at:
>  https://penta.debconf.org/dc9_schedule/attachments/112_debian_redesign.tar.gz
> What do you think? :D

WRT the pics of the campaign, I find the ensuing discussion rather
unproductive without an agreed upon set of objectives and the tradeoffs
involved, eg.

- What's the relative priority of the different groups of people we're aiming
  at? DDs and potential new contributors? corporate users? individual users?
  In other words, should the campaign focus in say attracting more corporate
  users, or more hackers applying for membership? (pixegirl says people
  outside the organisation, some debian folks disagree)

- Do we want the campaign to be contentious (I'd think not) or as far as
  possibly inoffensive (and again, these perceptions vary among different
  kinds of groups)?

Seems like many debian folks find pixelgirl's work of high quality but not
meeting the desirable tradeoffs. Has there been an agreement or even a
discussion about these tradeoffs in any debian list?


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