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Re: Please look at mentors.debian.net


> Every organisation can only survive (or grow) with a constant stream of
> fresh members.

This is obviously true.

> So please dear Debian Developers: Go to http://mentors.debian.net! There
> are people willing to get involved in Debian. But some of them might be in
> danger to get frustrated due to lack of response.

Did you send an RFS message to the debian-mentors@ list about your package(s)? 
While not guaranteed, there are good chances you get a review and eventually 
an interested sponsor willing to upload for you. Please, do not accept the 
lack of response as a rejection or disregard, it is probably a man power 
missing to put hands on your work. Chances might increase dramatically if you 
take care of already existing orphaned or neglected package, sending patches 
to BTS in order to help fixing RC-bugs and so on.

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