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Re: Debian redesign

On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 09:09:40PM +0200, Meike Reichle wrote:
> * I really want to have a concurrent design on the *.debian.org resources
> (webpages, packages, bugs, wiki, lists, ...) optimally even a slightly
> different one for all the *.debian.net stuff.
> Having a design that can even be taken to business cards, boot screens,
> wallpapers, DVDs etc ... even better!

+1 for corporate identity, and
+2 for getting this done before squeeze :)

> * Aesthetically I am fine with Agnieszka's design as well as kalle's.
> Slight preference for kalle since I saw more of his (from Agnieszka I only
> saw a small screenshot) and also because it's technical feasibility is
> already somewhat established. As others stated before though: I guess we
> could very well mix the two and have a nice synergy of Agnieszka's
> portability and recognisability and kalle's clean look and technical
> feasibility.

From a first glance at both of them, I'd say Kalle set up a new
stylesheet for an existing layout (e.g. packages view, bugs etc.) while
Agnieszka tries to go a step further. I would like to them to find a
common line here. I think in some places simplifying the view would be
very good but we cannot afford lowing information over it. But this is
design which I basically have no clue at all about... :)

> * Like most DD's I have grown somewhat attached to our current logo. There
> is already a cleaner version of it in our official logo which is also used
> quite frequently (mostly without the bottle).
> Personally I don't mind that much. As long as it remains the swirl and
> keeps its color I am fine with it.

I had a look at a few different variations of the logo as well and must
say that I'd prefer keeping it the way it is now. If for printing there
is a need to simplify it (e.g. for small logos on T-shirts or whatever)
I would still be fine with that.
But having a look at our logo in different colors I don't think that
keeping the current color is mandatory. If we stay in the same color
range I'm totally fine with a change, i.e. it should not be black or
green all of the sudden.

Anyways, thanks again for the design work. Keep it up and push the
changes. :)


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