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Re: Debian redesign

Hi all,

I am still at DebConf and rather swamped so please excuse the
"telegraphese" ...

* I really want to have a concurrent design on the *.debian.org resources
(webpages, packages, bugs, wiki, lists, ...) optimally even a slightly
different one for all the *.debian.net stuff.
Having a design that can even be taken to business cards, boot screens,
wallpapers, DVDs etc ... even better!

* Aesthetically I am fine with Agnieszka's design as well as kalle's.
Slight preference for kalle since I saw more of his (from Agnieszka I only
saw a small screenshot) and also because it's technical feasibility is
already somewhat established. As others stated before though: I guess we
could very well mix the two and have a nice synergy of Agnieszka's
portability and recognisability and kalle's clean look and technical

* Like most DD's I have grown somewhat attached to our current logo. There
is already a cleaner version of it in our official logo which is also used
quite frequently (mostly without the bottle).
Personally I don't mind that much. As long as it remains the swirl and
keeps its color I am fine with it.

* I didn't like what was said in the talk about the swirl *having* to be
at this particular position (above the "i") and nowhere else. Debian is a
remix culture and as everything else our logo has been remixed a lot: by
us (for example for the DebConf logos) as well as by others. There are 2-D
and 3-D versions of it, it has been combined with the anarchy A, the GNU
gnu and tux himself of course, it has been turned into a beer-logo, a six,
a nine, a five, a brain, ... it has been over, under, next to and even
overlayed with the "debian" name, and these are just the very obvious
variations I found on the first couple google pages. So saying that the
swirl and the "debian" are a fixed combination and may only be used
exactly like this is in may eyes simply not implementable. (Especially
since the logo should be put under a free license anyway.) I can very well
understand how a designer would want this but I don't think it would work
out.There are quite a couple of really creative Debian-enthusiasts out
there and they will proceed with any new logo as they did with the old.

* Regarding the posters, I like some of them, but not all.
debian_illustration1.jpg is fine with me, so is debian_illustration2.jpg.
I don't mind debian_illustration3.jpg either. Frankly a laptop on the
pillow is not entirely unseen for myself. Though I do try to put it away
before falling asleep ;)
Seeing debian_illustration4.jpg my first impression was "guy consuming
porn, thinking about getting more using his trusted Debian". Very much NOT
what I want to communicate or support.
debian_illustration5.jpg is okay again, I like the inclusion of mobile
devices in the campaign. debian_illustration6.jpg looks pretty weird to
me, the dimensions and perspective don't seem to fit and I don't really
see how a guy fighting bugs or wasps or something can advertise Debian.
These are of course all first impressions, but I guess with posters those
are most important.
Picking up on the concerns expressed by Marta ... having all the posters
side by side, yes, one does notice that while there were proper shirts and
T-shirts for the guys there were apparently only rather flimsy spaghetti
strap tops left for the (obvious) girls. (Some of the people I cannot
really tell what they are, but I think that's actually okay. I also
couldn't help but notice that the girls come with pink as the contrast
color and the guys with blue. :)) If the poster's were meant to give an
impression of the average Debian user base I guess it would be worth
considering that there are also a couple of us living in cooler regions.
Also you can still have a girl look like a girl, even without seeing the
body at all (One very good example for this is
Agreeing with many others though: As long as these do not become official
Debian advertising material I don't mind that much. (And I don't think
they will, as far as I remember Debian has never embraced any particular
artwork apart from the swirl as being "official".)

So much for now, off to (my last DebConf) dinner. *sniff*
Best regards,

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