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Re: Debian redesign

Guido Trotter <ultrotter@debian.org> (30/07/2009):
> Personally I think it's a wonderful work, and a very interesting exercise in
> producing a debian marketing campain. I agree with the mixed feelings about the
> "tout court" logo changing (which, if it happens, should anyway be sanctioned by
> GR, as the last one was decided that way, as correctly recalled by someone) but
> the simplified swirl can definitely be used in a lot of situations, and the
> proposed website looks very nice!
> As for the images I don't share the concerns some have expressed, and think
> they're just a marketing campain. Some are probably better and to the point, and
> some might be less, but I don't think we should be "offended" by them. Just as
> an example I'll include a link to a picture for a commercial for the HTC magic
> (which I randomly happen to have on my laptop because, working for Google, I
> found it funny and took a picture of it):
> http://people.debian.org/~ultrotter/misc/q1050732.jpg
> I don't think people will be offended by looking at it, as they won't be
> offended by looking at pixelgirl's images. If it conveys or not its message I'm
> not 100% sure, but it's not for me to say (I'm not an expert in the field). In
> pixelgirl's case for example I think the "reliable parner" image is a nice pun,
> and goes to the point, while the "software with passion" one is less, and
> wouldn't put bugs in advertisement, but then someone else might think
> differently, and I don't think we should be in the business of censoring
> ideas/art!
> :)

I guess I'm not used to do that very often, but that would those little
“+1” characters.

We discussed that quite extensively with Guido during last dinner, and I
totally share his opinion. Sounds like a very well performed marketing
campaign. Again: thanks, Agnieszka.


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