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Re: Debian decides to adopt time-based release freezes

Luk Claes wrote:
The main reason is that the Release Team hopes to now have the momentum to make a time based freeze work. If we would delay, it will very probably mean that many developers 'forget' about what the time based freeze is about.

Is it so important this momentum? Is it grave, for DD, to forget about
release cycles? We have debian new that will remember us our duties.

Anyway, in next weeks could you (RM in general) give some more precise plan about next releases? and what DD should do/not do in next few

We changed this week the default shell, we changed this week the init.d mechanism, it was proposed to pass shortly to upstart. There was announced plan to dpkg-source version 3. I see a lot changes, but few time. How do we must handle it? What plan has RM to maintain Debian quality? Did you skip some changes?


PS: dpkg-source version v3 was announced very early: good. But I find
lack of announcement of other important changes, could the RM announce
earlier huge plans.

PS: is it only an impression or there is a plan to block
Debian specific changes (src v3), destructive for ubuntu and go to Ubuntu essential programs (insserv/upstrart) in so short time?

We must care as priority our quality. The quality of derivatives
should come only as later priority.

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