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Re: Debian decides to adopt time-based release freezes

On Wed, 29 Jul 09 11:40, Luk Claes wrote:
> Sune Vuorela wrote:
> I guess you are talking about freezing this December and not in general?
> Lets discuss the issues regarding KDE and see if we can come to a solution.

Good. So let me propose something.

> Are you confident that KDE will be better at releasing in time and
> with a higher quality than they are used to? Otherwise it looks to
> me like we would need many more months before we can freeze KDE.

Yes, we are quite sure, that KDE will release in time. KDE 4.3 released
slipped a week, but all the RCs have already been very stable.

You want to try something with the next release? So let me propose the
following: We ship the exactly same Upstream KDE as Ubuntu -- talking
about version numbers here. This really allows us to use the momentum 
between Debian and Ubuntu on the Desktop front. Everything else is just
In the end this means: In January we put 4.4 (or maybe even the RCs, as
they are normally stable) into unstable, and later we also put the 4.4.1
and 4.4.2 (maybe also 4.4.3) into unstable. I am very sure we will not
not introduce RC bugs which will not be fixed within very less days, but
we will fix a lot of minor bugs with the uploads. Your job is just to
unblock the fun then :)
In the freeze times, the changes happening to the KDE packages are very
marginal. We do win nothing by freezing that long (and yes, I do not
believe the freeze is over after 3 months).

So, do you think we can manage to ship Squeeze with the best KDE ever,
to make Squeeze the best Debian ever, and at the same time align with
Ubuntu which will release before us?

member of the Debian Qt KDE team

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