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What is preventing Debian from being fully free at this moment?

I'd love to see Debian comply to real GNU/FSF freedom. When I visit the website it boasts about how it is free.

However, it is far from free while it is offering proprietary software as well as having binary blobs in the kernel.

Debian is magnificent if you ask me, the best GNU/Linux out there that exists, however the reason I left it was mainly because it did not comply to the GNU philosophy (which is the main reason why GNU/Linux even exists today, not to just have priceless software, but to have software that is free, as in freedom and liberty). Now that GLX has been made free (which in my eyes has been a big thing), should they not reconsider?

I really hope to see this in the future, but I doubt this will happen, but please prove me wrong! I'd love to see Debian end up on the really free OS list on fsf.org.

- Fred

PS: Don't offer me gNewSense, it's based on Ubuntu 8.04 and I'd prefer Debian above Ubuntu.

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