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Re: debian developers from *any* country ?

Ralf Treinen wrote:
> Hello,
> I was just made aware of the fact that the debian key signing coordination
> page does not allow to file for key signing offers in Cuba. When I checked
> for myself I realized that this is also true for Iran, Iraq, Syria, and
> North Korea. This list of countries dates back to before the time when I
> took over co-maintenance of the gpg signing coordination page. Are there
> any objections against adding Cuba, or the other above mentionend 
> countries? The case of Cuba probably isn't so critical these days, but
> anyway I would like to know whether a priori citizens of any country 
> may become dd.

I think its not a problem to offer keysigning in the mentioned countries, if an
applicant will be accepted at the end is not decided by the place where his key
was signed. Also there are people from foreign countries living in the mentioned
countries - for example at the embassies - I guess it would make sense to give
them a chance to meet for keysigning, too.

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