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Re: Re-thinking Debian membership - take #1: inactivity

On Fri, Jul 24 2009, Kevin Mark wrote:

> If someone goes through the arduious process of becomeing a DD: 
> proving their knowledge of:
> a. FLOSS ideals, 
> b. Debian ideals, 
> c. FLOSS legal ideas, 
> d. computer languages, 
> e. social skills
> f. and patience to wait for various approvals, account creation, 
> g. getting packages though NEW and 
> h. making uploads that dont damage users systems.

> And then assuming they go MIA, get their account deactivated and then
> reapply for DD status.  What are they expected to show to be
> readmitted?  I dont assume that they lost any of those skills in a-h.

        Packaging for Debian is not a static knowledge base; policies and
 practices change,  and there are changes in infrastructure. If you have
 been away for a few years, you migh well be out of touch, and it is not
 unreasonable for the project to ask them to demonstrate that they
 retain the requisite skills.

        Also, computer language skills do degrade with lack of practice;
 I am far less fluent in languages I have not used for a few years than
 when I was using them actively.

> Is it a show of re-commitmant needed?

        I think so.

 ps: You have a huge sig, in the good old days nettiquette limited sigs
 to less than 4 lines.
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