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Re: Questions about present Gnome and the Linux kernel versions

On Tue, Jul 07, 2009 at 10:18:43PM +0200, Kees de Jong wrote:
> I'm a satisfied Debian user for almost a year now. But a week ago I tried
> Ubuntu 9.04 and I discovered the features of the 2.6.28 kernel and the
> features of Gnome 2.26 and I was impressed.
> So my question is pretty straightforward; are there plans to introduce these
> two great enhancements into the Debian project? And if they are when can I
> expect them? I've tried to run Debian Squeeze but my system broke because of
> the unstable packages I guess.

Usually, debian-devel-announce is the list where such updates are
announced. For example, a mail about Gnome might be:


As is clearly stated, some more work is to be done for the
transition. In case you are interested in a particular Gnome
application, you can look at what packages are blocking the upload of
the latest version of that app and figure out, even try to help the
developers sort out issues to accelerate the process.

As for the kernel, unstable currently has 2.6.30-1. You can find some
information here:


Different aspects of package maintenance and timing of uploads vary
greatly between Debian and Ubuntu, and that is partly because of
different aims, practices and procedures (to various degrees). I will
not go into details of why this is the case here.



P. S. I'd request someone who knows more than me to please write an
FAQ answer for "Why does Ubuntu have/do/... but not Debian? When will
Debian have it?..." type question.

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