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Re: DAM and NEW queues processing

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:

> We should seek processes that scale. For example:
>  - the NM process could be reduced to 5 to 10 questions choosen by the
>    AM amongst the 50+ questions currently in the NM templates, to verif=
> that the applicant has some knowledge about different aspects of Debian=

> packaging. Then the AM would ask for comments about the applicant from
> other DDs, like it is already being done for DM. That would make the AM=

> report a lot shorter to read, and spread the load on all DDs, that woul=
> have to write recommandation emails about the applicant (including link=
> to work the applicant has done). It would also help avoid
> socially-problematic applicants, because it would be a de-facto
> requirement to work with several other DDs before becoming a DD.

No way. Most reports show that a lot of NMs don't know about a lot of thi=
asked during the NM process. This is true even for those who are DM alrea=
dy. And
reading the AM report of those who obviously know what they're doing is n=
ot a
problem at all. At least from my point of view (with my FD hat on) it tak=
*MUCH* more time to read trough a mbox of an applicant who is not able to=
all questions easily and who did not show in an obvious way that he will =
be a
good DD with a good common knowledge. For the candidates where I'm not su=
re that
they should become a DD I start to look into their packages, bug reports =
other work, which takes large amounts of extra time.
Working with several DDs is nice to have, but I've seen candidates which =
recommended by several DDs but still had trouble to answer the questions =
of the
NM process.

What I'd like to do in the future is to require DM before people will acc=
as NM, but not with the DM process in the current state. But that's anoth=
er theme.


(speaking with his FD hat on)

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