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Re: Who uses @packages.d.o mail?

> I haven't done an exhaustive survey, but it seems pretty clear so far
> that the domain does not get any significant amount of legitimate mail
> from machines other than the debian.org hosts.

As I understand it, <pkg>@packages.d.o is the standard way of contacting
the maintainers of a package in an easy and efficient way.

I use it all the time when eg. reassigning a bug (reassign mails are
supposed to be CC'ed to the destination maintainers), rather than go up
and look who's listed as maintainer and uploader and CC them all.

Plus, fortunately, packages.d.o has been sending a copy to the PTS for
some time now, so even interested people who are not listed as
maintainer/uploader will be able to read them.

Personally, I think we should keep it open. If it becomes unsustainable,
we could require a whitelist header for mail sent from non debian.org
machines, like the PTS does. But if we do that, we could ditch it
altogether and just use the PTS (for me, one of the main advantages of
packages.d.o is not having to include the whitelist header). Does
somebody know if the PTS is mailing the maintainers already?


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