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Re: Who uses @packages.d.o mail?

On Fri, 22 May 2009 22:30:03 +0100
Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> wrote:

> Hello all,
> So I've looked through a few weeks of mail logs to
> packages.debian.org, and it looks like it collects some useful mail
> from automated scripts on various debian.org machines (primarily
> ries), and about 1000 spams a day from elsewhere.  I haven't done an
> exhaustive survey, but it seems pretty clear so far that the domain
> does not get any significant amount of legitimate mail from machines
> other than the debian.org hosts.

It does save creating a specific alioth mailing list for a group of
maintainers and uploaders.

It's started being used for svn-buildpackage@p.d.o

It's only a convenience thing for discussions that aren't actually
related to existing bug reports.

> If this is actually the case, I'd like to close the domain down to
> only accept mail from other debian.org machines.  If it's not, I'd
> like to work with people who do use it to either make it possible to
> send their mail from debian.org machines or from a short whitelist of
> machines elsewhere. If this isn't possible, we'll of course continue
> to offer it as a public service if it's needed.  It's just that if it
> doesn't need to be a public facing mail domain, we all get a little
> less spam in our inbox, and the service becomes easier to administer.

Maybe a list of packages that do use it and an address to email for
those who want to start using it at a later date?


Neil Williams

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