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Re: Debian Membership

On Mon Mar 16 13:30, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> There are different kinds of packages in debian that require different
> skills:
> - binary packages, data packages
> - simple library packages
> - mixed binary/library/data packages
> Also there is a big difference between the NEW packages and existing
> packages. Getting things right the first time is much more difficult
> than keeping a package current.
> So why not have a set of rights. Initially people only have right to
> maintain a package and all uploads must be sponsored. After some
> successfull uploads the maintainer could get rights to upload existing
> packages. After a few new binary debs (e.g. soname transitions of a
> library) he could gain rights to upload new binary debs for existing
> sources to NEW. And if someone shows an aptitude for creating new
> source package and judging license issues then he could gain that
> right.
> This could also be coupled with steps in the NM
> process. E.g. the Task&Skill section would be required before any
> upload rights.

I'd really like this, but I thought it was a bit radical to suggest all
at once!

> On the other hand I don't see why someone needs to maintain a package
> master packaging to get access to debian-private? Something a
> translator wouldn't need at all.


> Becoming a member with minimal rights should be easy. That is where I
> think DM goes totaly wrong. It makes uploads easier and becoming a
> member harder.
> For example a maintainer should have rights to log into debian
> machines and track down bugs in their package before they have the
> right to upload on their own. Let them demonstrate they can fix bugs
> even on architectures other than their own.

Yup, this is what I'd like to see as well.

So far I don't think I've seen anyone objecting to the overall approach
though, which is good. I think it allows us to start discussing more
specific implementation details.


Matthew Johnson

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