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Debian packages

Dear Debian Package Maintainers,

Is there a definitive way to download packages for a machine that, due to it's remote location, does not have an internet connection?  What I'm looking for is a complete file that would contain all the packages that a specific application is dependant upon whether or not a given operating system already included said packages in it's makeup.  

If something like that is not available, would there be a way to create files full of packages that would cover a large range of basic packages in an index such as a "pool"?  This would allow users to download and burn a CD full of the latest packages for specific uses such as Multimedia, games, development, or perhaps entire desktops that could be added to existing operating systems.  

For example,  I cannot install a second desktop environment such as Xfce or Kde on a machine that has Gnome installed without using a package manager and an internet connection.  However, if I were able to download a set of package files which came with thier dependencies neatly bundled in an index that could be read by something like synaptic; I could then install the alternate desktop environment without the need for an internet connection.  

Simpler yet would be a multimedia bundle, or perhaps a networking bundle.  If I simply wanted a media player installed on my system and could download a package bundle which contained everything needed to install that specific media player it would be much easier than trying to download each individual package and install them all as individual binary packages.

Please help me understand why this is not something that is easliy found.

Thank you for your time

Gabriel  (hellion_darklord@inbox.com)


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