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Re: FTPMaster key backup/recovery procedure

> The secret key part is stored with:
> Debian uid	Name
> luk	        Luk Claes
> maxx	    Martin Wuertele
> myon	    Christoph Berg
> 93sam	    Steve McIntyre
> bdale	    Bdale Garbee
> sgran	    Stephen Gran
> dannf	    Dann Frazier
> weasel	    Peter Palfrader
> enrico	    Enrico Zini
> wouter	    Wouter Verhelst
> mhy	        Mark Hymers
> bzed	    Bernd Zeimetz
> stew	    Mike O'Connor

adeodato Adeodato Simó
to this list, I forgot him.

bye, Joerg
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