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Re: Results of the Lenny release GR

Robert Millan wrote:
>   - Even if there's a general perception that everyone agrees not to delay
>     Lenny at all costs, this should definitely be voted on and sanctioned.
>     Not doing so creates a very bad precedent.

You think everyone must be voted on? What exactly do you think these
passages from the constitution are good for, then?

"The Project Leader should attempt to make decisions which are
consistent with the consensus of the opinions of the Developers." (5.3)

"The Technical Committee does not make a technical decision until
efforts to resolve it via consensus have been tried and failed, [...]"

"The Project Secretary should make decisions which are fair and
reasonable, and preferably consistent with the consensus of the
Developers." (7.3)

"Delegates may make decisions as they see fit, but should attempt to
implement good technical decisions and/or follow consensus opinion." (8.3)

Yes, the constitution says the release team should let itself be guided
by consensus opinion. It doesn't say that a vote is necessary to
establish this.

As Russ Allbery pointed out, the constitution also tells you what you
can do if you think the release team is doing the wrong thing.

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