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Re: Results of the Lenny release GR

----- "Robert Millan" wrote:
> The majority of developers voted to make an exception for firmware in
> Lenny.  They did NOT vote to empower the Release Team to make exceptions
> as they see fit.  Results of GR 2008/003 are crystal clear about this.

Unfortunately, nothing can be crystal clear about GR 2008/003 because there is simply nothing crystal clear about it. Ironically, Bdale *is* warping the results of the vote and applying an editorial voice to the interpretation of the results. I say "ironically" because Bdale's actions go far beyond anything Manoj did with regard to imposing his desires or thoughts on the construction or result of a vote. Amusingly, those who called for Manoj's head have now fallen quite silent.

There are some things that are clear to me:

* I have a very high level of trust in Bdale, even when he starts doing peculiar things.
* We should not delay Lenny for further political discussion because people's operations depend on our release.
* Discussion of these issues in the shadow of Lenny warps people's minds and makes sane discourse impossible.
* We have already made several such releases in the past and do not have a soberly constructed framework for solving the problem permanently.

With that in mind, I am inclined to go along with Bdale's "release Lenny by all means possible" reading of 2008/003. However, if anyone views this as a victory then they are smoking extremely powerful crack. I would rosily call this a "convenient failure of democratic discipline" on Debian's part. It would be VERY, VERY UNFORTUNATE if it continutes to be a permanent pattern. I think the very survival of our organization depends on us coming to a well defined solution by the next release.

So I'm sorry Robert, your heart is absolutely in the right place but I agree that we should release Lenny. I encourage you to "go with flow" and think about structuring the solution down the road.

Ean Schuessler, CTO Brainfood.com
ean@brainfood.com - http://www.brainfood.com - 214-720-0700 x 315

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