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Re: Spamming the World through Open Debian Mailinglists (Re: lists.debian.org has received bounces from you)

This one time, at band camp, Cord Beermann said:
> Hallo! Du (Jeroen Massar) hast geschrieben:
> > And yes, my SMTP server and those of a lot of other people will
> > CORRECTLY refuse to accept mail classified as spam and correctly give a
> > 500 SMTP error code as the server will refuse to deliver it.
> according to RfC2822 Chapter 3.3 blocking because of Content is
> discouraged.

<begin pedantry>
RFC2822, section 3.3, is about date/time formats.  I suspect you mean 
RFC2821, section 3.3, which does not quite say that.  It says:

"the DATA command should fail only [...] or if the server determines 
that the message should be rejected for policy or other reasons."

It goes on to say:
"Server SMTP systems SHOULD NOT reject messages based on perceived 
defects in the RFC 822 or MIME [12] message header or message body."

So, while we are discouraged from rejecting based on poorly formatted
MIME, MTA admins are by no means discouraged from rejecting mail at DATA
time in general for site policy reasons.

I know this is a semi-religious topic with lots of arguments on each
side, so I'll stop here before I make any comments on the relative
merits of either opinion.  I just wanted to point out that the actual
text doesn't quite say that.
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