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Re: Linux System Engineer (100%) in Zurich

martin f krafft dijo [Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 10:11:13AM +0100]:
> Wolfgang, please stop this. Putting a maximum age into a job
> description is standard practice because a company does not want to
> invest time and money into a new employee for various reasons, be
> they simple age and thus time left to work for the company,
> absorptive capacity, or company culture.


Absorptive capacity is individual-related. Some people will absorb
less at 25 than others at 45. Company culture is some kind of cultural
discrimination, although it could be the only valid point in your
mail. Now, "time left to work for the company"? In my country, _very_
few people retire before 50, and I believe that to be the case
elsewhere. So, is a company turning people down because they might not
be interested in working... over 15 years as a sysadmin? Please...

> This form of headless drive for "political correctness" on all
> levels and at all costs will simply decrease overall tolerance
> levels further. Calling something discriminatory is the easy way
> out. Judging whether it actually is, and dealing with it, is the
> hard bit, the one that requires (and builds) character.

In my book, political correctness is bullshit, and I tend to call
things by their name. Probably if I lived in the US I'd have my ass
over-sued. And no, it's not Debian's flaw or problem - but Wolfgang's
complaint is IMHO very well in place. It will reach the clueless HR
recruiter, and -as he posted to -jobs- probably other HR people
pondering on writing to Debian.

Now, your and my rant are well enough in -project, so I dropped -jobs
from the Cc: :)


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