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Re: Developer Status

On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 03:16:54PM +0200, Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:

Sorry for being late in discussion, but I was quite busy... 

>> To cite an extreme example, Ingo Juergensman doesn't do packaging
>> nor anything of the above.  Nevertheless, he's an active member of
>> the Debian community for many years (even despite severe problems)
>> by supporting the m68k port with hosts and maintenance.  He should
>> be able to vote on general Debian issues such as the project leader.
> This is an interesting point.
> Do you thing Ingo Juergensman could not pass a simple test on
> packaging or on BTS? He could anyway ask ftp-master to have
> upload right removed.

Erm, well, it's one thing that I might be able to pass packaging tests as
well as I fiddle with debian/control and such from time to time, but that's
nothing I want to do at all (packaging). 
The other thing is: why test packaging in the first place when asking
ftp-admin later to remove upload rights? That doesn't make much sense to
me... ;)

> I think most of our experienced users will have enough
> capabilities for a simple test, and anyway, I would not
> put him in an other category. Let giving him other tests,
> but let him to be a normal Debian Developer.

This "giving him other tests" seems to be the problem. When I applied as NM
back then, there were apparently no other tests than packaging tests. At
least nothing knew how to deal with my "I don't want to package" application
so I wasn't assigned an AM for a whole year. 

> who is not interested on upload packages.
> No need for new categories.

I'm in favour with Martins proposal to change the whole to role based
permissions, not categories. 

> Voting people should be trusting people, so without
> "constitutional" limits. He would decide to have restricted
> rights.

Trust was one of my major reasons to apply as NM back then, because I felt
that it would be better to have a strong trust relationship between the
Project and myself, because m68k is being built on approx. 5 machines (out
of 20) of mine. 
Another reason was/is that I'm often already seen as "part of the Debian
project" by others. I then need to explain that I'm not a DD, but just a
random contributor, although the perception ot other peoples is different. 
Doing some advocacy for Debian on fairs and meetings is another point. I'm
not comfortable with saying "we in Debian" when I'm not really a member of

Well, 'nuff said... when there's a decision about a change in NM/becoming a
member I might re-apply happily and I believe Debian would benefit from
other peoples skills (i.e. not packaging) as well. 

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