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Re: Re-thinking Debian membership

pe, 2008-10-24 kello 23:47 -0700, Steve Langasek kirjoitti:
> I think it would be more sensible to kick out the people who don't do
> anything for the project *except* vote.

That is certainly a good point. 

The reason I propose counting voting only is that that's the only action
all DD would have in common that would be unambiguous. Not every DD
would be uploading packages, and other stuff like mailing list activity,
commits to version control systems, editing the wiki, BTS activity, etc,
is a long list of possibilities we would have to draw lines around in
some way. 

For example, is it enough to be occasionally active on -user? Is once a
year enough? Should the quality of one's packages be a concern? How do
we coalesce liw@iki.fi and lars@debian.org and other e-mail addresses
for the same person, especially if not all of them are in the key in
Debian's keyring?

I like simplicity, so I chose the simple option. There does not seem to
be a consensus that this is a good option, so I'll amend my proposal

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