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Re: Re-thinking Debian membership

Le vendredi 24 octobre 2008 à 17:59 +0200, Josselin Mouette a écrit :
> >   Concrete proposal: max(Q, 20) endorsements, two existing members
> >   together can veto. The veto can be done anonymously via the Debian
> >   Account Manager to avoid peer pressure to not veto. The DAM only
> >   counts the endorsements and vetos, and does not make judgement calls.
> >   All endorsements and vetos must happen within 30 days.

Another minor remark: Q can be quite a large number of endorsements for
someone who wants to work on a confidential part of the archive and as
such is not in contact with many other developers. It could be made to
something like 5 or 10, with the additional requirement to have made a
number of useful contributions for the project (uploads, commits, bug

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