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Re: Re-thinking Debian membership

also sprach Lars Wirzenius <liw@liw.fi> [2008.10.24.1044 +0200]:
> * Membership is controlled via GnuPG keyrings, primarily maintained by the
>   Debian Account Manager. The keyrings shall be maintained in a way that
>   allows any member to change them, and that is fully transparent to the
>   members in general, and that further makes it easy to undo mistakes.

There is no way I will ever agree to something like this unless we
get rid of all the inactive or careless members we already have.
Having hundreds of (potentially unsafe) keys with upload rights to
our archive, which isn't actually needed in many many cases is one
thing; allowing all these keys to approve or delete members is

I am all for transparent and flat hierarchies in this regard, but
if we go down this road, then it has to be bottom-up, not top-down:
we start with an empty keyring, add those that are known to be
active and caring, define very good procedures, and then get the
ball rolling.

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