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Re: Developer Status

On Thu, Oct 23 2008, Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:

> Joerg nominated teams, not persons.
> My "and the people involved" should be read as
> "and the number of teams involved".

        I don't think "nominated" is the correct term here.  Joerg did
 not nominate the secretary for anything, as far  as I can tell.

> The number of teams increment the bureaucracy (changing
> the proposal, coordination), and doesn't fit the Debian
> structure (role [proposers] vs. hierarchical [proposal]).

        Huh? The people Joerg talked to were people who would be
 affected by the proposal. For example, the secretary was called in to
 comment since this proposal would require changes in the coting
 pmechnism, and I was invited to give feedback on how big a change that
 would be.

        Also, he watned to ask about the constitutionality of the

        I don't see how this solicitation of early feedback in any way
 adds to the bureaucratic angle.

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