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Forget classes, think privileges (was: Developer Status)

also sprach Joerg Jaspert <joerg@ganneff.de> [2008.10.22.2333 +0200]:
> Now let us describe the way the account status is meant to be handled
> in future.



It's the latest message I could find. I am sure I have been harping
on about this before.

One thing that occurs to me reading about what Clint has to say[0]
is that we have a set of privileges, such as voting and uploading
and the access to the various different machines, one punishment
(debian-private access), and Jörg wants to map different
combinations of those to "classes".

0. http://xana.scru.org/xana2/ranticore/debknights/

Why don't we just take each and every of those privileges and define
criteria for how to obtain the privilege, and then simply give
people privileges according to what they need, rather than having
a defined set of rigid classes? Obviously, one could still group
privileges (e.g. to be able to vote, you have to endure

And yes, I agree that this ought to be a GR or at least that Jörg's
email should not have been of the "this is what we'll most likely
do" nature, but rather in the "this is what I've been thinking about
and would like to propose for discussion" department.


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