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Re: ssh.upload.debian.org

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 10:15:58AM +0200, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> > Instead, you seem to be saying, "how could anyone be so stupid as to use
> > a non-symbolic name?" when nobody is actually being that stupid.  We're
> > just using the symbolic name we were told to use the last time the names
> > were changed.
> I never intended to say that and my initial mail didnt do that (pasted
> below).

> ------------
> ftp.upload.debian.org
> ---------------------
> To untie the upload queue from the archive DSA setup an alias to be used
> for future uploads. Please change your configuration of dput, dupload or
> whatever you use to no longer use ftp-master.debian.org but
> ftp.upload.debian.org instead.
> ------------

Your second mail (the one referenced in this thread) said:
	Please always only use the symbolic names for the places to upload to
	(ie ftp.upload.debian.org and ssh.upload.debian.org), do not use any
	machine name directly. Queues may move at any time, without further
	notice and the symbolic names will be updated.

That seems to reflect what Thomas was saying.  People using ftp-master
weren't using the machine name directly yet this symbolic name isn't
going to move it seems.

Perhaps you could have considered moving all the internal scripts that
reference ftp-master to some other service name rather than trying to
change every single dput config file out there in the wild and the
mindset of all the developers of the distribution.


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