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Re: ssh.upload.debian.org

> Instead, you seem to be saying, "how could anyone be so stupid as to use
> a non-symbolic name?" when nobody is actually being that stupid.  We're
> just using the symbolic name we were told to use the last time the names
> were changed.

I never intended to say that and my initial mail didnt do that (pasted

To untie the upload queue from the archive DSA setup an alias to be used
for future uploads. Please change your configuration of dput, dupload or
whatever you use to no longer use ftp-master.debian.org but
ftp.upload.debian.org instead.

> Moreover, I use ftp-master.debian.org because that's what I was told to
> do when we switched to the current upload procedure via anonymous-ftp.

Yes, and until recently that was the way to go.

> I don't object to you deciding that we should switch names again.  But
> please just say, "you used to use symbolic name X, but that is tied with
> several other services. we want to split those services into different
> symbolic names. so for uploads, please use the new name Y."

Now, isnt "To untie the upload queue from the archive" that? At least
that was my understanding of it.

bye, Joerg
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