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Re: Debian 2.0 Hamm

"Fabian Greffrath" <greffrath@leat.rub.de> wrote in message 48DCFD19.9080206@leat.rub.de">news:48DCFD19.9080206@leat.rub.de...
maybe archive.debian.org still has it...

Do you know who is the maintainer for archive.d.o?

I am asking because I still have a very old (early 1994) SuSE CD at home including a pre-1.0 beta of Debian, which I would like to upload...

Unfortuneatly, archive is currently not maintained. Philip Hands, redirected it to saens and added woody back in 2005 (http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2005/08/msg00173.html), but it has not been touch since then. The big issue with it is disk space. However, I doubt there would be a problem with including an old pre 1.x beta, considering how small that would be in comparison to modern releases. I suspect you should contact the DSA for that. We really need it to be fixed up and have sarge added. Is sarge still on ftp-master? I see at least some of the mirrors are still including it as old-stable. It was supposed to go away (of preferably be moved to archive) when security support ended.

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