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Re: Debian and non-free

On Thursday 2008-09-18, Joey Schulze wrote:
> David Paleino wrote:

> > However, I still believe that censorship is a BadThing©, and everyone
> > should be given the chance to speak. But, well, I don't know what
> > happened with Sven.... and I don't even want to touch the topic.
> It's not censorship 

Censorship is nothing more or less then banning/prohibiting certain speach 
in a certain forum

-> that's clearly the case.

> (that's only Sven Luthers view that he seems to state in nearly every mail
> he sends to others),
> its a ban for well published reasons.  

so no it's not just Sven Luther's view that he's being censored

Now whether that particular censorship is a sensible thing or not is 
different question altogether (and NO I'm not interested in restarting that 
Cheers, Cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)

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