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Re: Debian and non-free

David Paleino wrote:
> > I was frightened by your message until I realized that it was not your
> > message but one of Sven??? please don't forward messages that you don't
> > endorse (in particular when it contains wrong claims).
> Ok, sorry for that :)
> However, I still believe that censorship is a BadThing©, and everyone should be
> given the chance to speak. But, well, I don't know what happened with Sven....
> and I don't even want to touch the topic.

It's not censorship (that's only Sven Luthers view that he seems to
state in nearly every mail he sends to others), its a ban for well
published reasons.  If you are interested in this topic, please read
the relevant mails in the mailing list archives, mails mostly by Sven
Luther so you are able to evaluate his current mails, and most
importantly the statements by the listmaster and dam teams.  Solely
believing Sven Luthers rationale is like walking on very very thin

Unless you do know the background, please don't emit statements like the one above.



No question is too silly to ask, but, of course, some are too silly
to answer.   -- Perl book

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