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Recently accepted NMs

Hello World,

Recently, 5 NMs made it to Debian Developer. These are:

Laurent Bigonville
Gregory Colpart
Timo Jyrinki
Adriaan Peeters
Sonnenburg Soeren

  My name is Laurent Bigonville, I'm 25 years old and I live in
  Brussels, Belgium. I've started using Debian and GNU/Linux in
  2002 when I entered at the university and made my first package
  (acr38) for Debian in 2006.  I'm currently working with the
  telepathy team (IM framework over D-Bus). I also maintain
  several other packages. About working on other packages, I've
  helped in the split of the pidgin package (this was needed for a
  telepathy package) and made some small patches. I'm also trying
  to forward ubuntu patches and bugs to the debian BTS. I'm an
  ubuntu MOTU since fall 2007.
  As a DD I would continue my work on packaging software (mostly
  telepathy related) and help to make Debian and derivatives rock.

  I'm 26 years old french engineer, living in Marseille (South of
  France) with my girlfriend and our 4 children. I was studying in
  ECM (Ecole Centrale Marseille) in mathematics and computer
  science. Now I am working for 4 years as manager and system
  administrator in Evolix, a french "free software startup".

  I discovered computers with playing on Amstrad CPC 6128 about 20
  years ago. I remember I wrote few lines in BASIC language but not
  really more. And I discovered Internet with a two-months-free (as
  free beer ;) offer of Compuserve ISP and modem 14.400 bd about
  15 years ago. But my principal use was online chat with people
  around the world in Compuserver channels :-)
  My real experience with computers began in 2000 when I bought my
  own computer. I tried to use Microsoft Windows 98 but quickly I
  installed also Mandrake 7.2 to have similar environment I had in
  the computers of my school. I was very enthusiastic with Linux
  and I spent a lot of my time to install/test/remove softwares, to
  test exotic hardware (graphic cards, USB modems...). But I felt
  me limited by Mandrake and particularly in packages management
  and somebody encouraged me to switch to Debian. It was in 2002
  (just before Woody was stable) and then I install it (and I still
  use it, as you can see output of 'ls -l /var/log/uucp.log' command:
  -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 2002-05-30 02:11 /var/log/uucp.log).
  It was so fun because my screen had identical appearance I had in
  the computers of my school (the famous blue wallpaper by default
  in KDE 2.2) and my system is ready for C programming. Other
  students wanted too this fabulous operating system and I helped
  installing Woody on some computers with various hardware. I had
  few problems with drivers or with proprietary scientific
  softwares and I became aware of the importance of concepts of
  free software. After playing with some desktops tasks (testing
  several window managers, multimedia softwares, etcetera) I learnt
  sysadmin tasks. I set up my own Debian gateway (PPPoE connexion,
  Iptables, Squid, IPv6) and my own server with mail services
  (SMTP, POP(S)/IMAP(S), webmail), files services (NFS, Samba), web
  services (HTTP, (My|Postgre)SQL, PHP) and other tools. I like
  a lot syadmin work and then, in 2004, I created a startup with
  two friends to offer free software services (particularly
  Debian support) and I installed several dozen Debian servers for
  various structures. Naturally I became interested to social and
  devel sides of Debian: reading devel mailing lists, learning how
  packaging, helping with french translation, meeting DD.
  I sent my first ITP in december 2005 for horde-sam package.
  Because I use Horde webmail on my mail servers, I take part of
  pkg-horde alioth team and I co-maintain now some horde packages
  (chora2, gollem, horde-sam, horde3, ingo1, kronolith2, mnemo2,
  nag2, sork-forwards-h3, sork-vacation-h3 and turba2). I maintain
  also some PHP PEAR packages (php-auth, php-file, php-date and
  soon php-log) and a tool to set up easily PPPoE connection:
  pppoeconf (now in collab-maint team). Like a good debian user,
  I try to report all bugs that I found and joining a patch.
  Note that I maintain a summary about my Debian work on the wiki:

  I started using GNU/Linux by installing SuSE Linux 5.3 in 1997. It
  took over 7 years from there to get rid of non-libre software
  (especially operating system). My real interest in Debian came only
  after switching from SuSE to Ubuntu at home in October 2004. Some time
  after that, I started using Debian testing at my work, hastily visited
  Debconf05, got more interested and started keeping Ubuntu+Debian
  dual-boot also at home. I want to volunteer my time since it's fun,
  and since I've gotten all the tools I have needed at home, at work and
  at M.Sc. studies (before I graduated) from the free software

  I've contributed to Debian mainly by maintaining the five packages
  related to high quality free software Finnish spellchecking and
  hyphenation software [1]. I've also had them included in the Finnish
  tasksel task, though unfortunately the change didn't make it to etch.
  In addition to some Finnish language issues, I have also tested+closed
  a few random bugs in various applications of my interest over the
  time.  All in all, maintaining the packages has been clearly the
  biggest effort so far.

  In addition to directly contributing to Debian, as a founder of Ubuntu
  Finland [2] I've tried to bring Debian forth from the beginning. Among
  else, "contributing" section's (on the "Ohjeita" page) one link out of
  three is to Debian, together with a link to my blog article about
  Debian and especially how to contribute to Debian. I hope that they
  help to bring the Finnish-speaking people most interested in
  contributing also to the Debian community.

  My primary interests and goals in Debian include improving
  localization, out-of-the-box desktop usability, benefiting from and
  co-operating with Ubuntu and lessening the people's urge to install
  non-free software by helping if possible with testing of gnash, X.org
  video drivers (I've managed to fix a bug or two in ati drm/ddx),
  Xiph.org stuff et cetera.

  In general I also hope that Debian will become easier to access, and
  more friendly as perceived by any new people trying to get to know to
  either Debian people or Debian project. I guess it includes improving
  the web site, then, and maybe supporting the idea of establishing
  "code of conduct" to eg. mailing lists or the project in general.

  [1] http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=timo.jyrinki@iki.fi
  [2] http://www.ubuntu-fi.org/

  I am a PhD student in Computer Science at Ghent University, Belgium. I
  started working with GNU/Linux back in early 1999 while I was working
  at a Belgian ISP. The first Debian release I used was potato and my
  first bug report dates back from March 2001.

  I became active as a Debian contributor a while later with my first
  patch (a one line documentation patch) in December 2002. From that
  moment on I assigned more time to the Debian project and did some more
  qa work (wmtime man page, ipv6 patch for offlineimap and other small
  but annoying documentation bugs).

  My first Debian package (dnstop) was accepted in Debian in April 2003
  and I currently maintain 6 sponsored packages ranging from console
  applications to gnome applets.

  I want to become a Debian Developer to be able to do the packaging I
  do currently more easily and to help other Debian contributors with
  sponsorship through debian-mentors. I see a lot of effort in packaging
  is lost due to a lack of manpower.

  Furthermore I want to help the utnubu team to bring patches from
  Debian derived distributions back to Debian. I believe the Open Source
  / Free Software community can only benefit from better collaboration.

  Finally I want to dedicate some time to find and resolve small but
  annoying documentation bugs or missing links, like I did before
  applying to become a DD.

  I have a long term computer history. It all started now already more
  than 15 years ago. Around 1995/96 -- being an ex amiga user -- I met
  frank ronneburg (who wrote the german debian user guide
  http://debiananwenderhandbuch.de/ ) who basically talked me into trying
  linux and I suddenly became a volunteer at the 3rd linux congress in
  berlin (linux 2.0 was just available as a pre-release). I then studied
  computer science at the humboldt university in berlin. Only around when
  I finished I started to exclusively use Debian GNU/linux (potato or
  woody at that time). Since then I am tracking sid reporting bugs I
  stumble across (via bugreports@nn7.de - not debian limited). I then
  became a phd student at the fraunhofer institute first (homepage
  http://ida.first.fraunhofer.de/~sonne ) and there took care of the 20-50
  linux machines of our group for two years. In this process I converted
  the whole group to using debian/linux and became familiar with the
  standard unix tools. As the work I do at fraunhofer is focused around
  machine learning ( cf. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_learning )
  my mission is to make open source software for machine learners -- both
  in using and producing -- more attractive. To this end I co-organized a
  workshop on machine learning open source software (MLOSS) at NIPS (one
  of the biggest machine learning conferences
  http://mloss.org/workshop/nips06/) and am co-leading a inititiative to
  make MLOSS publishable
  http://jmlr.csail.mit.edu/papers/v8/sonnenburg07a.html . I also helped
  setting up http://mloss.org (not yet publicly announced) as a community
  portal for MLOSS. To put it short, my goal is to get all the good MLOSS
  into debian (and there is already some: lush, libsvm, torch,...). My
  hope is that this way we will have much improved spam filters, ocr,
  image segmentation etc etc applications in the near future.
  As the main author of the shogun machine learning toolbox
  (http://www.shogun-toolbox.org) I am involved in relatively big OSS
  project. I also wrote a small gnome applet (cpufire-applet). I have been
  working with my sponsor Torsten Werner and otherwise quite busy doing
  actual research in bioinformatics. Otherwise googling for Soeren
  Sonnenburg has the full details and should bring up like 25 pages of
  hits with all the things I am doing.
  I like debian, as its strength is the clean upgrade path (early and
  clean FHS implementation); the fine tuned separation into many small /
  independent packages limits risks of breaking unrelated packages
  often a problem with other linux distributions.
  Most importantly it is volunteer + community (bottom-up) driven. This
  IMHO makes it relatively independent of certain issues appearing in
  top-down organized projects. For example I consider debian's "when it’s
  ready" principle, as well as not using the latest but the greatest
  (stability over features) approach a big big advantage. However I think
  communication ``why it is not yet ready'' could be improved a lot (by  
  some status page listing the criticial things that block next release
  with some kind of estimated target date based on the number of current
  Apart from bug-reports I contribute to debian by maintaining a number of
  packages (cvxopt, dsdp, shogun - all machine learning related and I hope
  there will be more of this kind here) and cpufire-applet.

Please join me in welcoming all these new and enthousiastic contributors
to the project.


Wouter Verhelst, on behalf of the NM Frontdesk

<Lo-lan-do> Home is where you have to wash the dishes.
  -- #debian-devel, Freenode, 2004-09-22

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