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Re: transfering files between *.debian.org hosts (was: people.debian.org to move to ravel)

On Sat, 30 Aug 2008, Bastian Blank wrote:

> > Or you use only resolvers that you have a trusted (i.e. ipsec)
> > connection to and those need to have a complete axfr'ed zone.
> Then we can drop the whole ud-ldap thing and use centralized
> authentication.

Um.  I don't see why that follows.  I don't think it matters however.  :)
ipsec/stunnel etc aren't the solution.

> > > > What other options did we forget?
> > > 
> > > - Setup Kerberos, allow it as an additional ssh login variant
> > 
> > Circumvents the entire idea behind this exercise:  Assuming an attacker
> > already has control over one host we want to make it as hard as possible
> > for them to jump to other hosts.
> Nope. It is the same that ssh with key auth. Anything an attacker can
> get is a short-term secret in form of a forwarded ticket. The service
> ticket themself is useless for anything else then the direct connection
> between the user and the server.

But it allows them to get a shell on the target server.  Even if only
for a short term[1].  This means we lose.

1. And more likely the user will fetch a full TGT on the source host
when they want to copy stuff to another host since the default mode of
login will probably stay ssh keys.
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