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Re: Please, stop this hurting vendetta, don't you think enough time has passed ?

"Sven Luther" <svenbleedingluther@gmail.com> wrote:
> There are two recent events which made me decide to write this mail, and
> circumvent the ban, which is something which i have not done in over a year.
>   - [...someone] chose to use
> my name in a contempting way, and nobody thought it worth to critic him.
>   - [an emdebian meeting which] i am not
> allowed to go is because of the opinion of the DPL about me.

This is a slightly modified repost of a DD-only email.  If I've got
any of this wrong, please contact me off-list.

Before commenting, those who can should read the
debian-private.200706* archive and familiarise oneself with a sample
of the situation (it may become public in 2010-06).  Also,  I feel
(about the preceding expulsion) may be relevant.

One public announcement of this ban was

As I understand it:

- the ban resulted from commenting prolifically on other developers
after being asked to stop by various project organisers.

- it was made site-wide and permanent because the poster reacted to
being banned on one list by commenting to other lists on the
developers involved.

- the ban has been lifted one list at a time after a request and the
users of that list agreeing when asked.

- alternatively, other people can forward acceptable messages from
banned people without unusual penalty just because it's from a banned
person.  However, the OP has just evaded the ban instead of getting
someone to resend, so I'm expecting that to have annoyed people, so
it's improbable that the -project or -devel bans will be lifted.

For the avoidance of doubt: I feel this situation wasn't handled
brilliantly, but at least it was handled eventually in a way that has
the key features of stated reasons and a possible route back into

As to the two recent events mentioned:

1. I don't remember seeing an email using someone's name in that way,
else I would have contacted its sender - maybe the sender would like
to apologise anyway?

2. I'd like DDs to see a statement of the reason for Sven Luther being
denied entry to the emdebian meeting from its organisers, rather than
only having one view of the story, but I'm not sure who the organisers
are and I didn't find details of the event on d-d-a or
http://www.debian.org/events/ - Usually it's not good to publish such
things, but the subject has just put it into the public domain anyway.

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