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ideals, guidelines and rules

Before I get to the points I try to make regarding the subject of
this nonperfectly formed mail:

- dont flame as reaction to my mail.
  it would break the code of confuct of this mailing list.
  and it would possibly cause other problems.

- dont label this mail as off-topic when its clearly focused on
  the debian project or problems related to the debian project.

- dont use any kind of defacements when you simply dont agree or
  dont like what you read.

Its quite sad that you explicitly have to mention these 3 things,
but when you look over the archives of this mailing list only for
the last 18 months you will find this is necessary.

For some strange reason the listmaster team is sometimes pretty
quick when it gets to blacklisting people who voiced unpleasant
things here - often as reaction to a few begging DD's.
But quite a long list of Debian Developers are not blacklisted
when they flame, deface and abuse. Just the opposite. They seem
to have a growing fanbase within the Debian project.

Example 1: June 2007

During his electoral campaign Sam Hocevar posted a defacement of
Sven Luther on sam2007.zoy.org. It was a foto of a guy in some
kind of "i am the dude" pose with the headline "i am even nicer
than Sven Luther".
This served as entertainment on debian-private@lists.debian.org,
several channels on irc.oftc.net and other places.
After Sam Hocevar was elected as DPL he announced "I was one of
those people who really wanted to help Sven Luther and I tried
a lot without success."

Now check yourself how several Debian Developers react to that:
"What do Open Source Projects need" on debian-project@lists.d.o

Example 2: January and February 2008

"please explain this violence" on debian-project@lists.d.o
"why privacy is mandatory" on debian-project@lists.d.o
"violence - take 2" on debian-project@lists.d.o

Example 3: August 2008

"why DebConf8 can be a chance for the cabal" on debian-project@l.d.o
"NM = good, DD = bad" on debian-project@lists.d.o

Can you see the trend?

The ideas regarding SOC-CTTE died really fast.

Inspired by the US government the "War on Trolls" brought a much
more comfortable solution which is quite efficient, while none of
the sociopathic hackers needs to change.

Like Clint Eastwood in his best western movies, we only need to
shoot faster than those who we dont like.
Especially for my friend Clint Adams a reference to the new weapon
law in Texas, USA :)

So there is a huge misunderstanding, that the Debian Social Contract
and the Debian Free Software Guidelines have their foundations in
believes about positive ethics and humanity, as FOSS could have a
positive influence on society development all over the world.

Hackers give a flying <beep> about society and politics. They only
want to be free individuals who can hack.

But since the Hans Reiser Syndrome (this could become my first ever
contribution to wikipedia) we know that hundreds of Debian project
members have not only a very high potential to grow social violence
within all kinds of groups (and the victims then need to be shot).
We also see a huge problem with trust, right?

Will you keep running Debian on production systems were security
matters a lot?

Will you buy a new computer with Debian on it when you know very
well that you cant ask other people who run Debian, because you
could end up like a black sheep - like ... you know, PADDY?

Patrick Frank should have known better when he entered the Debian
community 6-7 years ago. Because somebody was faster than Myon aka
Christoph Berg, who wants to send people who dont go with the flow
to a therapist. I must confess that is more social than shooting
people. But its still a high price for people like me, who simply
want to use their computers together with Free Software.

So please, Mark Shuttleworth sir, go ahead with your ideas.

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