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Re: ideals, guidelines and rules

"Luipher Fhang" <luipher@googlemail.com> wrote: [...]
> Example 1: June 2007 [DPL election, IRC channels, 1 thread]
> Example 2: January and February 2008 [3 threads]
> Example 3: August 2008 [2 threads]
> Can you see the trend?

Yes.  According to that, things appear to be getting better.

> [...] since the Hans Reiser Syndrome (this could become my first ever
> contribution to wikipedia) we know that hundreds of Debian project
> members have not only a very high potential to grow social violence
> within all kinds of groups (and the victims then need to be shot).
> We also see a huge problem with trust, right?

Not huge, but a problem.  Also, there is no Hans Reiser Syndrome in
wikipedia at this time.

> Will you keep running Debian on production systems were security
> matters a lot?

Yes.  The open approach is very good for security.

> Will you buy a new computer with Debian on it when you know very
> well that you cant ask other people who run Debian, because you
> could end up like a black sheep - like ... you know, PADDY?

I'll still buy computers with debian on because simply asking
questions doesn't make one like Paddy.  You'd need to threaten legal
action to other related projects and then complain that the debian
project won't help you participate in those other projects, while also
failing to address the outstanding legal threats.

> [...] But its still a high price for people like me, who simply
> want to use their computers together with Free Software.
> So please, Mark Shuttleworth sir, go ahead with your ideas.

So we reach the end of the message and there seems no point to it.

Also, doesn't Ubuntu still contain non-free software in all its
flavours?  I thought that was the whole reason gNewSense is still
working.  Yes, that seems like a good word to end this: gNewSense.
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