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Re: network card problem

On Mon, 11 Aug 2008 16:34:02 +0200
Erich Schubert <erich@vitavonni.de> wrote:

[.. half a book deleted that aimed to help Ahmed on the wrong list ..]

But smart as cookies like Erich are, the main reason for the posting
as follows:

> Please ignore the post by Luipher Fhang. This is not even his real
> name (for example he is also using the name "Bruno Brandris" these
> days), he is just a so called "troll" trying to provoke people. He is
> not to be taken serious, but should just be ignored:

More than just ironic, when the same people give talks about how to
increase your privacy and security by using GPG, TOR, etc.

And when multiple Debian Developers are to be seen as untrustable,
please disclose to the public, what advice do you give to users who
are aware of privacy and security related problems?

Defacing all people who voice critical aspects of the Debian project
will backfire in the long run. Most people will understand context 
and motivations why some are pushed into the role of a black sheep.

And those who happily buy gossip and defacements can keep checking
MD5sums and GPG signatures to fix the problem of trust on the wrong

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