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hosting DNS for debian-in.org /debian.org.in on project servers

I write on behalf of Debian-IN project where we work
on supporting Indian language and related stuff in Debian . 

We have two domains
  debian-in.org    -  this was hosting debian-IN website 
  debian.org.in    -  unused currently

Currently  debian-in.org is down since DNS services exipred as
provided by registrar (& we would have to pay them again to have it!)
One idea suggested by other members was if DNS could possibly be
hosted on debiain project servers.  This would involve hosting DNS
records for above domain on them, which I can point nameserver
entries to in domain account.

Also another question being if  using  "debian.org.in" requires a
official approval since its more of country level toplevel domain?

Please let me know if this is possible.

(please cc, since I am not on list).

Thanks &


* कार्य: http://www.indlinux.org        *
* चिठ्ठा: http://cartoonsoft.com/blog *

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