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Re: Open Invention Network


On Thursday 03 July 2008 10:28, Ben Finney wrote:
> You just got through pointing out that Open Invention Network *is*
> Ketchum Inc. 

on a second thought, I basically only brought up, that the domain was 
registered by Ketchum Inc., which is a PR company. So one could maybe say 
they (OIN) just were unfortunate or whatever... 

> Is there some other organisation that you would suggest 
> as being much more credible?

The EFF for example, see http://w2.eff.org/patent/ or something like them.

I dont think Debian, as a worldwide non-profit project, should join those 
playing within the system of (software) patents which only exists in some 
legislations anyway, but rather take a more fundamental stand, that 
(software) patents are fundamentally wrong, and work together with those, 
that support this way.


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